Experiential Gestalt Playshop



Introduction to Shadow Work aka Polarities Management System workshop – this workshop is an invitation to a personal exploration of discovering and mapping the relationship between your light and your shadow as inevitable parts of yourself. It is in understanding these parts of yourself, that you can better relate to others. The aim of this workshop is to introduce you to the Shadow Work tool that will help you do both. Becoming Animal: In this playshop we will tap into our senses through imaginary meditation and then explore the animal within an emerging playground.

Participants need pen and normal size paper, and comfortable (floor) seating for the first playshop. For the second playshop: comfortable clothing (to be able to freely move around, yoga or any other mat for meditative part of the playshop; pen and paper for possible reflections.

Slava Sapershteyn

Rooted in phenomenological Gestalt, I approach life and its complexities by creating and co-creating containers; where experiment offers perspective, art of emotional mapping offers a bird’s eye view, dialogue leads to reflections, communication creates connection and movement allows for shifts. I co-conspire with Nature and am deeply connected to land-based practices, heyoka clowning, to the wisdom of ancestors and practical and theoretical guidance of Gestalt Psychotherapy to help re-store connection to Self, decolonize body, mind and language, and co-conspire in a healing journeys with persons, groups and communities of human and non-human nature. Playfully. Deeply. Responsibly…

Co-founder of: https://www.riverrising.ca/about


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