Herbs + Tarot



This one day workshop is an invitation to become rooted and present through a tarot-guided experience, with sufficient orientation that you might take it with you, as a ritual and a tool. We will explore both theory and practice as we tarot, herbal medicine, and selfcare braided together. You will be guided through a framework for reading tarot cards that is inclusive, care-focused, and based in the present-tense, illuminating the patterns and stories that give tarot cards their meaning. Woven into this exploration, we will correlate herbal medicines with the cards, and see how different plants can help us to navigate the life experiences represented by various cards, and understand how to link types of plants to different tarot patterns.

Together we will practice reading the cards in groups, and invite the tarot to lead each participant to a timely herbal ally, through a personal tarot card reading. We will then connect with the respective plants that we have each been guided towards through this experience.

• No tarot experience required: great for newbies and anyone looking to deepen their relationship to the cards.

• You do not need to have your own tarot deck for this workshop, but you are welcome to bring one.

• No plant knowledge or experience necessary. • Various plants and herbal medicines will be available as offerings for participants, who may  choose how they wish to work with any given plant.

• Please bring a journal and something to write with, a blanket to lay on the ground, and anything else you may want to sit on.

Candace Bell (she/her)

Candace Bell is a professional tarot card reader, visual artist, certified holistic nutritionist, instructor at a nutrition college, and all ’round kitchen witch. She offers one-on-one tarot card readings and wellness consultations, and also reads tarot cards at events, such as private and corporate parties. Tarot, herbal medicine, creative expression, and nourishment are all part of her holistic approach to wellness, through which she offers gentle magic for tender hearts. She seeks to remind you of your own strength, beauty, interconnectedness, and wildness; and to help you live each day as a poem.



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