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To truly know the world, look deeply with your own being; to truly know yourself, take real in the world." - Rudolf steiner

Situated on the beautiful Canadian shield, surrounded by the rolling hills and wilderness of north eastern Ontario, 20 min outside of Bancroft, Coyote Tales Farm Studios  rests on the traditional territory of the Algonquin. The surrounding area was first occupied by displaced Irish settlers on behalf of the crown in the mid 1800’s. This rich landscape offers us an opportunity to reflect on the past, to consider how we live on the land today, and what we are doing for future generations.  

We invite you to come, connect & create!      


What we are offering...

Our Artist in residence program invites people to come and explore their creative connection to an art form they are currently practicing or one they wish to explore.  We are here to support your adventure into the unknown whether it be a self-guided project or one of our group themed residency opportunities. We have a variety of spaces on the property that are available to facilitate a range of experiences depending on your needs and excitements. From the barn studios to the top of the mountain bushcraft camp, there are many places to play in. 

As we continue building info structure to support visitors physically, we are also developing and strengthening our relationships with the surrounding arts community to offer residents connections beyond the farm. This area is rich with creative individuals and organizations that support community building initiatives in various ways, including studio tours, meditation and healing arts, music, theatre, and dance, etc…. Depending on the level of engagement you are looking for there are many ways you can share your practice and art form.

While here on the farm you are welcome and encouraged to participate through hands on activities related to permaculture, gardening, food production, restoration/ building projects and ongoing land-based living sculptural installations. The property has 130+ acres of mixed hardwood forest with trails throughout to explore, relax in and inspire a connection with nature. The 70+ acres of open fields lined with old orchards and variety of medicinal plants offers an expansive view of the sky and nearby Boulter hills.  On a clear night the stars are bountiful and mesmerizing, especially after an evening of sauna and singing! ~ During the summer we also love to jump in the pond onsite or pop down to the nearby swimming hole at Mallard Lake.


May 13 - 20 - 2022

Fulcrum Skillshare presents:

A group land based Artist Residency preceding our spring Gathering!
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Space is a valuable resource

Barn Studios

The great barn

The Great Barn is a German styled timber frame 100+ year old structure that tells a tale of time.  Its construction sparks the imagination and inspires creativity while containing multiple studio spaces, a kitchen, lounge and tool shop. A versatile building the barn has sheltered many workshops, farm to table meals, events and musical experiences. As we continue to shape and preserve the barn for future generations to enjoy there is a profound sense appreciation for those who built it.

bus residency

The Bus Stop

The Bus Stop is a living space for residents and visitors to stay in while here on the farm. The bus travelled for seven years living nomadically all over North America carrying valuable cargo, over that time becoming a treasure chest of curiosities. The Bus is cozy space with a small wood stove, solar system, kitchenette, and workbench. We used to call it the white buffalo and it still holds many memories and represents a significant part of our lives as nomadic traveling gypsy folk. An inspiring space to explore living tiny and having a small yet large experience.




The Old Farmhouse

The Old Farm House

The Old Farmhouse is a 114 year old balloon construction home built of old rough cut pine. This two storey house is a communal space that has several rooms for people to stay in. With lots of light and large kitchen for sharing meals and conversation this house is another relic of the past. As we extend its life with our presence and care, it reciprocates by providing us with shelter warmth, electricity, water and other modern conveniences such as internet. As. central hub on the property it welcomes visitors into a safe a comfortable place to land upon arrival.     

The Coop Studio

THE coop studio

The Coop Studio has been a fun project in reshaping and building onto history. This fallen in log cabin, most likely one of the first buildings constructed on the property has been resurrected with recycled materials to have a new life full of purpose. The space transforms throughout the years and takes on many forms, from coffee shop & makers market space at gatherings, to stone cutting and teaching workshop, to tannery studio n the fall for processing deer hides and making buckskin. There is a chicken coop attached to the back and a greenhouse off of the south facing side. With lots of light and character this building welcomes transformation.


How can i participate?

Residencies are anywhere from one week to two months. We recommend at least two weeks as it takes some time to settle into the landscape and build a relationship with the environment. Most larger spaces are three season. We hope to have the sugar shack cabin available for people to create in through the 2023 winter months and some winter camps for explorers.

There are many tools and pieces of equipment to use onsite. We have some basic music equipment , instruments, woodworking hand and power tools,  electricity,  projector,  water,  natural environment full of life and medicines.

We are interested in being a part of your journey and are here to help by working together to create some structure around your stay. We offer one on one sessions at least once a week to focus on what is coming up for you in your practice. We are here to answer questions and help connect the dots. This experience is very much shaped by your personal goals and insights. Depending on what is happening on the farm there may be lots of people around or not many at all. People being made up of mostly water come in waves 🙂 The one thing we have a lot of here is space.

As we develop our residency program we would like to keep it as accessible as possible for those interested.  $325 per week – $1100 per month.  There is alway space made for those who wish to do more energy exchange and or combination involving workstrade. We are hoping to be able to offer fully supported and sponsored residencies in the future. At this time we are working with an exchange model.

Applications can be submitted at anytime of year for personal residencies. Please look at the deadlines for some of our group themed opportunities. We have an application form HERE that you can fill out to share a comprehensive idea of what you are looking to do and get out of the experience. This way we can see if it would be a good fit. 

It seems we have the capacity to host a wide range of art practices, from music to creative dance, sculpture big and small…. performance, writing to media arts. The land calls us to come with curiosity and wonder to fully engage whatever form our expression takes.  We also invite folks to explore natural & ephemoral sculpture installations in the forest and around the property. We are excited to keep an open mind around what is possible.

our dreams come to life

Our Mission

To create a sanctuary for the soul, where people come to connect with the land, themselves and one another by engaging in relational & creative processes.

Our Inspiration

To explore humanity, our relationship to the earth, and how we take responsibility individually and collectively to acknowledge, value and sit with all the aspects equally.

Our Vision

To empower, uplift and honour our connections through intentional action, exploration, and community building.

Our Philosophy

Through the act of experiential based learning and process we are able to embody and physicalize the unseen, allowing us the opportunity to reflect, relate and reimagine what is possible.


"Thank you, thank you, thank you! It was just the space i needed to focus and connect. Thank you!~"
Oleh Buncha
"Feeling full of excitement, energy and love! The land is so nurishing, looking forward to coming back! "
Christina Mannella
"Thank you again! The time i spent with you really changed my outlook, and i am grateful for the connection."
Max Forster

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