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"A sanctuary for the soul."

Our mission, vision, inspiration and philosophy; fostering connection.

Our Mission

To create a sanctuary for the soul, where people come to connect with the land, themselves and one another by engaging in relational & creative processes.

Our Inspiration

To explore humanity, our relationship to the earth, and how we take responsibility individually and collectively to acknowledge, value and sit with all the aspects equally.

Our Vision

To empower, uplift and honour our connections through intentional action, exploration, and community building.

Our Philosophy

Through the act of experiential based learning and process we are able to embody and physicalize the unseen, allowing us the opportunity to reflect, relate and reimagine what is possible.


May 17-20, 2024

✨We have a stellar line up for you this Spring, with over 28 Workshops, Demonstrations & Activities to look forward to! We are excited to be activating some new spaces this year and opening the gathering to a few more folks, expanding our networks and unleashing more collaborative potential. We are counting down the days until we get to see everyone on the land here at Coyote Tales! Our new Bursary Fund is active this year and we have more volunteer positions for getting involved. There is something fun for everyone, from Kids Forest School & Teen Bushcraft Camp to the Tiny Tots sensory play area. 

✨ Please visit the Fulcrum Skill Share page to Register for our Spring Gathering.

Upcoming Workshops/events

🌱 Introducing: Roots & Shoots: A Rhizomatic Workshop Series

Roots & Shoots is a workshop series that celebrates the rhizomatic nature of growth and learning. Inspired by the interconnected praxis of knowledge and the philosophy of forming guilds, Roots & Shoots invites participants to explore diverse topics through themed immersive workshop weekends within smaller focused groups. Each weekend will offer 3-5 workshops and encourage cross pollination with shared meals and engaging evening activities & discussions.

Deerly Departed Mentorship & Coaching Program

Deer ones,

This workshop series is designed to help us explore the nature of death and dying through working with the Deer as our allies. We will move through 5 domains: Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual & Practical. Through actively engaging in skill based process work we will craft a series of meaningful objects that we can carry as tools of transformation in our lives. These tools will co relate with conscious dying principles to aid us in our journey towards embracing death as a sacred time of transition, honouring life and relaxing into the mystery that encompasses it all. We will be moving through a coaching practice called the B3M, which poses a series of prompt based questions for us to take action on throughout our time together. This personally reflective process combined with hands on skill development also offers us the opportunity to engage in relational dialogue as a group.

Let’s navigate and chart this course together!~

" Nature’s first green is gold, Her hardest hue to hold. Her early leaf’s a flower; But only so an hour. Then leaf subsides to leaf. So Eden sank to grief, So dawn turns into day. Nothing gold can stay. "
Robert Frost

Personal Artist Residencies

Come explore!

Fulcrum Artist Residency

Come explore your creativity on the land! MAY 11-17, 2024
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Creating Sacred Space

Reimagining Ritual

Honoring the Elements