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Coyote Tales is a business geared toward sharing stories through objects and handcrafted creations. We believe that where we go, who we meet and what we find along the way inspires us to connect with a growing community. Sharing experiences and stories through the objects used in creating our art/jewelry puts forth a powerful intention to maintain meaningful relations everywhere we go. This facet of our business supports the development of our other projects financially through the sale of hand cut cabs/stones, crystals, unique jewelry, and sculpture. Please visit our small online shop or calendar to support the Farm Project.


Farm studio


Coyote Tales Farm Studios near Bancroft, Ontario  is a project that has been developing over the past 4 years as a land based facet of our business. The mission is to create a foundation/platform that invites artists & crafts people to come and explore their work in this beautiful place, connecting with nature and one another. The project aims to provide accommadation and studio spaces for independent artist residencies, workshops, gatherings and events that align with our intention. We grow a quarter acre of gardens, have chickens, cats/dogs and do lots of homesteading activities on the farm as well as wildcrafting and learning about the landscape and all  who live here. There are something like 130 acres of mixed hardwood forest with trials and destination points to explore. We are continuously developing info structure to expand our capacity as an artist residency and event space. The Great Barn , The Bus Stop, The Greenhouse Studio, The Sugar Shack, The Sauna Sanctuary, The Dome & The Old Farm House are all structures that offer us space to explore creatively. From this inner world we project our visions, excitement grows, and by taking passionate action new projects unfold.

We thrive when we work together! The Farm project is also about learning how we co create, co operate & collaborate. Over the years many friends new and old come to this space and we have the opportunity to build relationships. The waters may get stormy and we find ways to move through the storms, when the winds blowing we hoist the sails and under the nights sky gaze into the stars above for guidance.   


Permaculture Gardens

It is here we:

Cultivate & deepen our connection to the earth.

Welcome growth and invite change to expand our awareness & perceptions.

 Plant seeds for the future!~


Hi there! My name is Abby. I am excited to share a bit about my life with you! Born in Thorn Hill, Ontario, Canada I spent some of my childhood years on a small hobby farm eventually moving to Pickering Village in Ajax.  After high school I attended Durham collage for one year completing their foundation arts program and then spent two year studying sculpture installation art at OCAD in Toronto. Half way through my degree I moved to Halifax to finish my studies at NSCAD.


 “A person susceptible to “wanderlust” is not so much addicted to movement as committed to transformation.” — Pico Iyer

Post university I lived in Montreal for one year and fell in love with making jewelry and selling on the streets as an artisan. A trip to Arizona to attend a gathering called Return of the Ancestors inspired me to follow my dreams. From that point on I did. Living outside with my backpack, traveling by horseback turned into me with a dog, then me with a dog and a car, and then after couple years of that I acquired a small bus which we lived in nomadically for 7 more years.


We would spend a lot of our time in the dessert and in the wild places, where bird’s wings were the only sound and the wind blowing across the land told a story of its travels. Over the ten years of wandering we encountered many extraordinary people, places, and amassed a myriad of experiences all so unique and radical in their nature my heart overflows with memories recounting them. As my dog Saydi got older we needed a place to settle down. We found a magical piece of land with an old farmhouse, a great big barn, many acres of expansive fields, diverse forest, and freshwater springs, near Bancroft, the mineral capital of Canada.

altered space

My dreams continued to guide me, visions of developing a space that would embody the feeling I have experienced in my travels and sharing it with others became my mark. We have since created this space and have had many gatherings and people come through as well as develop an amazing community in the local area.  Creative inspiration and connection to nature remain my passion, with a strong interest in exploring how authentic communication and philosophical dialogue can deepen our ability to relate to ourselves and the world around us. I am committed to developing experiences and making spaces that uphold these values and invite others to engage and explore the art of being.


Saydi Passed into the realm of spirit Feb 7/2022. 

We continue to dream together.  

A place to breath...

once outside the box...

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“All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware.” — Martin Buber