Fairy Baskets & Cordage


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Learn to weave a miniature “fairy” basket made from willow bark, garden leaves and other natural materials. This is a beginner level workshop that will introduce you to fundamental weaving techniques and material preparation. Participants will get hands-on experience in peeling fresh willow bark to be used in their basket. A cordage making lesson will also be offered during this session and can be used in the creation of your project.

Agnes Niewiadomski

Agnes is a visual artist (OCAD Sculpture/Installation grad), small business owner and camp director of Mindful Makers. She offers hands-on arts programming to kids and adults in and around Waterloo Region through day camps, workshops, festival events, craft kits, and her locally produced TV Show! Agnes is passionate about teaching hands-on skills and spreading the joy of making through a multitude of crafting methods including: basketry, sewing, printmaking, felting, dyeing, weaving, electronics, 2D and 3D modeling, sculpture, mold making + casting, book binding, papermaking cardboard and paper crafts. Many of her projects are now available as at-home kits and can be ordered through her website:


IG: @agnesmakes @mindful_makers