WORKSHOP DESCRIPTION: 1 Day (offered twice on Sat & Sun morning)

Join us for a 3 hour hands on workshop where we will provide you with a wooden spoon blank and introduce you to spoon carving.  Workshop Content includes Spoon Design, Equipment, Safety, Knife Grips, and Sharpening. 

Knife sets will be available to use, however, we recommend that you bring your own carving knives if possible.


Shawn Hermans

In the Summer of 2019, Shawn was exposed to the author, Barn the Spoon, who’s book, “Spoon” became the spark that ignited Shawn’s passion for spoon making.  The learning curve has been exciting to say the least.  After many unsuccessful spoons, a style unique to Shawn’s skill set emerged and he is excited to share more about his love for carving spoons with the community.

IG: @ smiling_frog_wood_studio

Cost: $65

Date: May 20 or 21 morning

Group Size: 6 participants in each class

Contact: shawnwhermans@gmail