WORKSHOP DESCRIPTION: 1 Day (6hrs, Sat or Sun)

Come explore and learn to use one of the most ancient ranged weapons. 

Our time in this archery workshop will be split into several components, some classroom time and some hands on experience with recurve bows.

You will need moderate strength in your upper back, arms and hands.  This workshop is open to students aged 12+.


-Discussion on the history of archery
-General safety and terminology

-Physical Fitness Session (Cardio and Plyometrics)

-Lesson on Techniques

-Practice range time with Debrief & Technique Review


Errol Kokbas

Errol is a retired army medic and freelance photographer, with experience living off-grid for 5 years. As an avid outdoorsman and a guy who enjoys a day at the range, an interest in archery was a natural progression. Although not formally trained, his nerdiness has led him down a rewarding self taught path. Having a passion for teaching and sharing knowledge has brought him here.

Cost: $60

Date: May 20 or 21

Group Size: 5 Participants (each day)

Contact: [email protected]