MycoArtistry: Crafting Functional Art with Mycelium

Welcome to MycoArtistry: Crafting Functional Art with Mycelium, a hands-on exploration of fungi, sustainability, and art. Learn the basics of mycology and mushroom cultivation, then apply that knowledge to create functional art using mycelium-based materials. Join science and creativity to craft your own unique art piece to take home.

1 Full Day Workshop Sunday

Participants: 15

Cost: $115

Shane O’Donnell

He has been cultivating and work with fungi for over 12 years, growing food, medicine and biomaterials. He has a passion for connection with self others and environment and is inspired by fungi and mycelium, constantly questioning and exploring how to enrich the ways in which we build relationships. Shane is constantly searching for ways to interface biological and technological systems in service to health and happiness.
 Most recently, he fascinated by expressing through organic geometry.

 Learning about fungi is a fascinating journey, and sharing it with others is where he finds joy and fulfillment.

Registration Opens March 1st @ 10:00 am

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