Polyphonic Folk Harmonies & Full-Voice Singing


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Through the day together, we will endeavour to dive into our own unique voices to build strength, confidence and health into our singing, while also finding the joys possible when many voices meet. We will learn folk songs from Emily’s saddle bags of repertoire from Georgia, Bulgaria and the Balkans, Northern Europe, as well as America, and contemporary folk harmony tunes. Bring your love of singing!

Emily Adam

Emily has been singing polyphonic music since she was swept off her feet attending a concert at age 16. With a love and desire to make big and full sound and to join her voice to others, she travelled to study folk music in Georgia in 2003 and 2004. She continued her love of Georgian folk singing in Toronto, singing with the ensemble Darbazi. Through her studies with American ensembles of Village Harmony and Northern Harmony, she has honed her love of polyphonic harmonies from across the globe. Emily has led community choirs in the Ottawa Valley for the past 10 years.

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