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I come from a traditional witchcraft background where we were taught to make our own tools, or at the very least engage with tool makers who are experienced in their craft. I have made many tools in the past, many brooms, wands, altars, candles and the like. The most satisfying by far for me is making brooms. This is why I have incorporated them into my business as they have long been a part of my practice, both mundane and magickally speaking for several decades. When we craft our own tools, we can imbue them with our intention, our purpose and our needs. A hand broom, would traditionally be a small broom kept by a fireplace to sweep up cold ash, or on a workbench to clean up random debris. But because of their size being smaller (about 12-18 inches), they make an ideal ritual, or altar broom. A cobweb broom can be used ritually, to cleanse a ritual space, with smoke, or ritual sweeping of energy among other uses. It could also be used for mundane purposes as well, such as the traditional cobwebbing broom, which is an extension of your arm to reach high corners of ceilings, or to fish pets toys out from under furniture.

In this 6 hour class you will learn how to craft your own simple Triple hand broom, a Turkey Wing hand broom in the morning, and a Cobweb broom, attached to a foraged stick, found on the land (weather permitting) in the afternoon. We will speak about some of the history behind the designs, and the uses of these versatile tools. You also will have an opportunity to imbue your brooms with your own magickal intent and purpose. By the end of the course, you will walk away with the knowledge of how to make these brooms as well as an understanding of simple broom magick, that you can use every day as well as THREE, made by YOU brooms.

Amy Lou Taylor

As well as being the owner of TAoTaT’s Mystic Tea & Brooms and The Museum of Tasseomancy, she is also a Certified Tea Sommelier, Tea Leaf and Card Reader, horticulturist, organic gardener, community herbalist, Hedgewitch, Gardnerian HPS (Retired), author and artist. She facilities many programs about Tea and Brooms, some of which she has been teaching for over 20 years. Amy has always been an artist who chooses to create with things found in nature. She was making brooms over the last 20+ years, but when her father passed in 2012, she lost her muse. In late 2020, after rediscovering a 20lb box of broom corn in her basement, Amy rekindled her love and passion for creating with natural material by making brooms again. She crafts her brooms entirely by hand, and only uses and electric drill for drilling holes in wood.

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