Council of All Beings



The Council of All Beings offers a beautiful container for growing more intimate with All That Is. Creative, revealing, compassionate and real, our sacred role in being part of Earth’s Journey shines through. If you are familiar with The Work That Reconnects, you may recognize this early iteration. You are invited to deeply connect to the more-than-human world. Allow your identity to expand into the wider reality of Life on this beautiful planet. Truly listen to the greater wisdom that Earth’s story makes available. Listen deeply, Share Tales of Love and Loss in relation to the creatures, plants and places that have moved us, collectively and individually.

Through ceremony we will embark on a journey to come Home. Feel the support of community while we reconnect with ‘what is’. Over the course of our time together, expect to laugh, to cry, to rage, to mourn, and to find delight as we allow deep feelings to arise. This workshop is offered as a full day on Saturday and/or a half day on Sunday. Bundle them together, go deep and save some money. The Council of All Beings is never the same twice. Join us! We will be sharing in circle and in pairs, spending time alone in nature and in creating a mask to reveal our Being’s identity. In ceremony we will learn, from our Beings – how it is to be living with humans at this time. We will also gather wisdom and insight as we reflect on our experiences.

This workshop is being offered asa full day deep dive on Saturday and as a half day introduction on Sunday with the possibility to participant in our Sunday evening Fire Ritual.

Jo Howe

Jo brings a wealth of lived experience, deep curiosity, and loving playful engagement with Life into all she does. Deeply rooted on the Land that has fed her since childhood, her meanderings further afield have also shaped her. Connection to the more-than-human-world guides her way. Jo brings her insight and compassion into play as a poet, Lover-of-Life, context artist, mother of three amazing beings, and student of permaculture, deep ecology, natural systems, Circle practices and nature connection. Guided by intuition, informed by the world around her, Jo’s gentle invitation is to connect, to play, and to celebrate both Life’s gifts and our losses.

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Sunday Half Day Afternoon-Sliding Scale

45, 55, 65