Stick around after the Skill Share to decompress for a moment and then embark on a tanning adventure with Abby. We want to be able to offer this experience to folks who are interested in deer skin processing as we do not have any tanning happening at the Skill Share this year other than our community moose hide softening. We would also love to make Fulcrum a week long event next year so perhaps we will start here by inviting those interested in making some buckskin to continue the fun into the week. After soaking in the weekend we will pull our skins out of their alkaline bath and start bucking. Over the next two days we will explore the process of transforming deerskins into buckskin using natural tanning methods. We will take our time, eat well and make more memories as we engage in this fellowship with the deer.

Meals will be included throughout this time and be a collective endeavour. Your sleeping space will already be set up and we will enjoy a more intimate setting on the land with sauna and swimming options.

Facilitator: Abby Fry

Abby is a creative whirlwind of kinetic energy. She has been a self employed maker and shaker for the past 20+ years. With a background and passion for the arts Abby loves to shape spaces that invite exploration through interactive nature based art practices, traditional skills & crafts. She has been tanning and working with deer for over 15 years and has an affinity for working with death and dying processes throughout her life and is currently a certified Conscious Dying Coach and Death Doula. She has been working over the last year to create a 10 month long Mentorship Program called Deerly Departed which will be starting this July.

Her passion for relational dynamics rests as the cornerstone of her work and she passionately believes that through process based activities we are able to foster deep connections with the natural cycles of life, ourselves and one another.

Abby has been stewarding the land at Coyote Tales Farm Studios for the past 6+ years and is dedicated to continue building a community platform for others to come enjoy, create, learn and connect!

Participants: 10-12

Cost: $250 – 400

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