Botanical Dye – Connected Colour

Let’s come together and experience the ancient magic of making colour with plants, in the open air, over a fire. We will see what colourful plants we find on the land to create a seasonal palette and also work with plants I’ve grown or harvested. In this two-day workshop, you will learn how to prepare fabric to hold natural colour, how to extract colour from local plants (pending their permission) and how to permanently dye fabric with natural dyes. Essentially, you will learn the fundamentals of scouring, tannin, mordant and dye for cellulose fibres such as cotton and linen. We will play with techniques of folding, twisting and tying to make prints and patterns, based on traditions around the world.

Throughout our time together, we will explore our relationships with textiles and dyes in our daily lives. By dipping our hands into this intentional process, we will consider the energetic impact of the plants and fibres that we wear and use. Connecting your clothing to the plants around you can help create a deeper relationship with the natural world. All materials provided and included in workshop fee.  Option to bring your own cellulose (plant-based) pieces to dye. Something small, white or light-coloured; for example, a t-shirt, pair of socks or kerchief. More info to come after sign-up, in advance of the workshop dates. Bonus: Bring a lidded jar to experiment with solar dyeing!

Full 2 Day Immersive Workshop (12 hrs)

Participants: 11

Cost: $140-180

Instructor: Rebecca Duyzer

Rebecca is a multi-disciplinary, lifelong, self-taught artist, often found playing in the realms of textile and plant alchemy. She loves making things and singing and hanging out with plants, ideally simultaneously. Sharing the joy of craft in community makes her heart sing. Her days are spent with hands in motion as she continuously learns how to create a gentle life, through sewing, dyeing, writing, printmaking, herbal medicine and healing modalities. Committed to reducing the productive pressure on the planet, she operates ‘keeping still studio’, honouring a slower way of being in creative process.

Instagram: @keepingstillstudio @rebookoo

Registration Opens March 1st @ 10:00 am

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