Building with the Woods

oin us at our forest-brewed woodshop for a two day immersion into the world of hand tools and tree. Build your competency with hand tools as we saw, split and shape the wood of the woods into an array of functions and constructions. Participants will be empowered to learn a handsome variety of fits and joins that can be applied to both smaller limbs and large timbers. Come as you are, whether curios beginner or seasoned woodworker. A wide range of example pieces, techniques and projects will be available for your choosing. Listen to stories of the trees, their wood and what our predecessors found them useful for. As part of this workshop we will work together to make boards, split shingles, hew square, fasten by drill and dowel, learn effective tool use and how to sharpen our tools.

Acquaint yourself with these sets of skills to say goodbye to dependence on store-bought fasteners (and lumber). Plenty of tools will be provided. You are also encouraged to bring your own trusty tools. Namely: a wood cutting hand saw, a hatchet or axe, knife or knives chisels wooden mallet or other hammer, pencil tape measure note book Hand drill and bits, Froe Adze Cordage or twine.

Participants: 8

Price: $170

Instructor: Dylan Paczay

From a young age I have sought harmonious alternatives to the infrastructures that uphold our lives. Looking to the processes of nature for guidance and inspiration, I’ve been on a quest to make healthy and resilient ways of life accessible. Raised by a father with an aptitude to build most anything, i was blessed with knowhow in construction from a young age. I had my first tastes of bringing real value from soils by working at my family’s essential oil farm as a teen. My past 8 years have been spent teaching (and been taught by) youth at multiple schools in the guelph area. I push my capacities as a craftsperson, having six years of glassblowing at Blown Away Glass Studio, completed the tool and die making program at Conestoga College, learning woodland crafts, and opening a fabrication and machine shop in Wellington County. I have passion for transforming freshly fallen trees into useful tools/structures, and have long imagined a way of life where the work that generates well-being is local, accessible and truly beneficial.

email: [email protected]

Registration Opens March 1st @ 10:00 am

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