Deerskin Mittens with Real Sinew

Do you have a special hide that you’ve tanned waiting for the right project (no problem if you don’t)? Have you always wanted to make your own leather clothing but don’t know where or how to start? There’s nothing like real brain-tanned mittens in the cold of winter; soft, warm, beautiful and breathable. Going from a flat hide to a well fitted three dimensional object can be challenging. Come learn how to make a pattern from your own hand, select the right piece of leather, and sew with real sinew right from the deer themselves. All tools provided. Please bring your hands and willingness to learn! Go home with your new mitts and the knowledge to start making your own deerskin clothing.

Don’t have your own hide yet? No problem i’ve got you covered!

Option 1: Bring your own brain-tanned deerskin (if you have, no chemical tanned hides please)

Option 2: Have the buckskin provided.

2 Full Day Immersive Workshop (12hrs)

Participants: 12

Cost: $120- Bring your own buckskin.

$240- Buckskin provided.

Instructor: Daniel Stermac Stein

Lover of all things animal, especially skin and real leather. I have been tanning and sewing for coming on 15 years now, constantly searching for health between humans and animals, old style.

Registration Opens March 1st @ 10:00 am

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