Womb Healing + Connection Circle

“When the Womb is healed and reconnected to the Heart, Sacred Woman will stand in her Power.”  – Christine Page  
 We invite you ton join us in a circle, to create space to tend + honour the womb with sharing, art, and plant medicine.  
The circle will begin with a plant spirit tea meditation and a sharing circle, everyone will have space to share stories of their womb – of connection and disconnection, of death and of creation ~ all stories are needed and welcome.  Yoni Steaming is an ancient practice that uses plants and water and prayer to bring healing + protection to the womb space. 
 We will learn about the healing benefits of Yoni Steaming and speak about different plants and their specific actions when used in this way. Plants will be provided for everyone to craft their own Yoni Steam blend. We will cast a sacred circle and  speak the names of our Maternal  Grandmothers and steam in ceremony together – with intention to bring healing to our Wombs and the Womb of Creation.  This is a deeply relaxing and loving ritual. There will also be an offering of poetry, music and natural dye: a water colour painting workshop to connect with our womb in deeper and intuitive ways and to bring words, sounds and expressions to something that is not always easy to access tangibility to.  
In honour of Womb Sovereignty, we will speak about herbal contraception and learn about 3 plants that grow locally that can be used to prevent pregnancy. Come join us in holding space for the womb in community. A time to share, express, learn, unlearn, process, nurture and celebrate the sacred womb.

1/2 Day Workshop (3hrs)

Participants: 10

Cost: $33-55

Facilitators: Jess + Danah

Jess is a holistic health practitioner  and a compassionate soul. She has a diverse background of various disciplines including Folk Herbalism, Music, Restorative Yoga, Iridology, Holistic Nutrition and Reiki. She draws inspiration from the mystical elements of life and enjoys navigating ways to weave different healing arts together to create unique experiences + offerings.  Danah (shey/they) is a queer multi-media artist with a strong focus in music, textile art, natural dye and poetry. Living in the big city of Toronto she uses her art as a way to connect with community and create safe spaces to share, create, and process life collectively, exploring different mediums for this process.

Registration Opens March 1st @ 10:00 am

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