Colours of the Land – Making Earth Pigments

Join us to connect with the colours of the earth and create watercolour paints with ochres, clays, and charcoal. Learn about gathering and creating wild pigments, working with local binders, and painting on wild surfaces. We will tune in to the most ancient form of paint making and expression, share colour stories, and collectively paint an offering for the land. Whether you are new to making pigments from the land, or you have played with earth pigments before, we welcome you to join us!

1/2 Day Workshop (3hrs)

Participants: 20

Cost: $35-55

With Nimra Bandukwala & Sammy Tangir

Nimra is a painter, community-engaged arts facilitator, and nature artist. She comes from a lineage of women who crafted with what they had, appreciated and grew plants, and valued the lives and stories of materials. She creates art with others with foraged and forgotten materials. She co-leads Reth aur Reghistan, a multidisciplinary arts project exploring Sindhi folklore, poetry, and artmaking.

Sammy is deeply passionate about the living earth and is ever-weaving earth-infused crafts into her daily life. She is seed saver, farmer, budding botanist and aspires to be as good as squirrels at planting & processing nuts one day. She works in ecological restoration, as a willow farmer, and leading as many crafty-plant-filled events she can!

Registration Opens March 1st @ 10:00 am

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