Tree Walk with Trev


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Trevor’s passion for forest and trees has brought him to this year’s gathering to share his knowledge on this subject. The workshop will be a walk through the various forest types found at Coyote Tales Farm. Here we will explore the different tree species we come across on our way and how the species function as a unit. We will talk about why those species are where we find them and what species we may see there in the future.

Additionally we will talk about how a similar forest may be harvested on crown land so that participants can gain a perspective on forestry in Ontario as it is today. A discussion on the process of maple syrup production may also take place during this time. 

Trevor is the owner of a small market garden called Eden on Egan in L’amable and an employee at Birds Creek Farm Supply. He has a background working in forestry where he spent 5 years as a Tree Marker/Block Layout specialist. He has also been involved in a local startup that manufactures essential oils from forest waste, including Balsam Fir, Spruce, Pine and Cedar.