Tree Pruning


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This workshop will start with a brief scientific and theoretical share on why and how to best prune trees. After that we will be off to the forest trail to practice our budding pruning skills. You will be given the time and space to make intentional pruning cuts with a pole saw, pole pruner, handsaw and loppers. If anyone has a pole saw they would like to bring contact me directly because your tool will allow us to squeeze another human or 2 into the workshop. Gloves are HIGHLY advised. These saws are sharp.

Nate Breeze

Nate has been working with professional arborists since 2017. From sinking 36 inch bars on back cuts to itty bitty snips on Japanese maples, he’s witnessed a number of ugly cuts. Nate is looking forward to sharing his knowledge and doing his part in bringing about a world of classier pruning cuts.