Introduction to Scything


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Hand mowing with a scythe is a practical, emissions-free, efficient, and enjoyable way to maintain fields, orchards, or gardens. Whether you want to make hay or hay mulch, manage weeds or unwanted brush on your land, mow around trees or narrow paths… or look bad ass mowing your front lawn ;)), the benefits are many. Especially in the interest of biodiversity and health of our communities (non human and human alike)! In this introductory practical master class, we’ll go over the basics of mowing technique using a European scythe, as well as introduce proper sharpening maintenance by honing and peening. I’ll talk about the European scythe vs American/British style scythe and share with you my journey of learning with this wonderful tool. We’ll have an informative discussion about the tool, best practices, and uses, the positive implications for biodiversity, and where to get supplies, and I’ll share with you quality books and online resources. The most important aspect to positive results with a scythe is proper fitting, so if you are thinking of purchasing a scythe and wish to have your own for the workshop, please reach out to the instructor in advance. I look forward to helping you discover the immense joy of scything!

Bozena Maria Hrycyna

Bozena Hrycyna is director of FOLK CAMP, an organisation connecting people with the folk arts and land based traditions of Eastern Europe in the Canadian context. As co-founder of the Kosa Kolektiv, Bozena has collaborated with many talented and skilled artists, musicians, and community organisations in Ontario (and across Canada) to promote the richness of Ukrainian and Eastern European cultures, and to facilitate meaningful connections for people (cross-culturally and within their own lineage). Bozena is an amateur singer of traditional folk songs, embroiderer, pysanka maker, weaver…and scyther! She has taken workshops and travelled extensively in pursuit of deeper understandings of these and other folkways, and apprenticed to the land, spending the last six years on a homestead near Wilno, Ontario.