Willow Basketry 102 – Woven Knot Tray

Come soak up some time outside in nature, weaving beautiful bread baskets on Sunday (morning hopefully!). This half day, 3 hour class is open to keen adults, with no previous weaving experience necessary. This class is kept fairly small/intimate, however folks who would like to come and work independently on their own baskets or weaving projects are welcome to join as well. These baskets are made in an ” underfoot” style, so the ability to be comfortable at a low working height/ bending is somewhat necessary. Willow is tough stuff, if you have problems with your hands/wrists/arms/back, be advised. I’m hoping we can find somewhere outside really beautiful and quiet, to enjoy being with nature. This would be offered in a rain or shine sort of fashion, please come prepared wearing appropriate layers to stay warm, and bring clothes to change into if we get wet!

1/2 Day Workshop (3hrs)

Participants: 4

Cost: $70-130

Johnny Suderman

Johnny is a willow grower, basketmaker and hand-craft enthusiast. He can often be found tending willow coppice, gathering sticks, foraging for weaving materials, making baskets, and generally being a the keenest basketry sponge. Since 2018, he has been exploring this heritage craft and spreading his love for basketry. Johnny has been tending willow coppice since 2022, and became the owner and operator of Lakeshore Willows in 2023. Descendant of German Mennonite and English ancestors, he currently resides with his partner Michiko in Glen Morris, Ontario.


Registration Opens March 1st @ 10:00 am

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