Willow Basketry 101 – Intro to Stake & Strand Basketry

This is a one day beginner level class for adults who would like to learn about the fundamentals of stake and strand basketry. This project will allow participants the opportunity to get a feel for basketry willow, and to learn many techniques that are fundamental to making a strong, durable, and beautiful basket. You will learn round bases, pairing, three rod wale, and border techniques. Small round baskets, approx. 8” diameter, are the focus of this day, but the techniques that will be taught are applicable to many styles of baskets. In this class you will be using cultivated basketry willows grown in Ontario, however the techniques can also be used with wild willow, dogwood, and other found woody materials that have the same long, flexible characteristics. Accessibility

Note: Weaving with willow requires repetitive motions with both hands and some techniques require working in standing or crouching positions for periods of time. Please be in touch if you want to talk about specific accessibility needs/concerns.

1 Full Day Workshop (6hrs)
Participants: 8


Michiko Bown-Kai

Michiko (they/them) is a weaver of words, willow, and community. They are grateful to have been able to immerse themselves in the craft of willow basketry over the past while. Michiko is looking forward to sharing not only the skill of weaving but also helping people experience willow as a teacher of some of life’s most important skills: patience, intention, listening (and more!). Michiko lives in Glen Morris, where they serve as a minister in The United Church of Canada. They are one of those queer anarchist anticapitalist abolitionists your parents warned you about. You can keep up with the crafting shenanigans they get up to with their partner Johnny on instagram:


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