Fulcrum Skill Share


SEPT 16-19, 2022

 This is a co-created, co operative event model that has been shaped and influenced by many people’s input, offerings, excitement, creativity & hard work over the years. We continue to shift and change our event structure so please take a look at our new & current format. 

It has been a long summer packed full of fun and excitement, many of us are pretty tired and still have lots to do before the winter months set in. It would seem that our registration is quit low and so we are shifting our focus a bit. We will be offering a more intimate experience with less structure and more relaxed vibes. We are inviting folks to come out and bring a project of their own to work on and or to participate in whatever workshops will be happening impromptu for the weekend depending on who shows up. We look forward to sharing space, food and skills and discussing the nature and structure of these gatherings into the future.

Let’s see what we can create together this Fall!

The gathering emphasizes traditional living skills from many different perspectives. It does this without subscribing to any one belief system, way of living, or ideology. 


  • Grassroots approach to co creation, event organization.  
  • Focus on traditional & modern skills with discussion circles & demonstrations.
  • Deepening into our senses, through physicalized processes.
  • Clean and clear, intentionally sober family friendly. 
  • Sharing meals made with love & quality food.
  • Safe learning & play environment for children with Kids Camp.
  • Offering space, held for reflective dialogue, exploring communication.
  • Cultivating strong connections with friends new and old.
  • Supporting community growth through shared interests & skill sharing.
  • Acknowledgment of our ancestral connections, empowering our relationship to the earth through ritual action & presence. 
  • Giving respect and consideration to the first peoples of this land and honouring their cultural perspectives
  • Making space to explore facilitator/mentor/teaching roles 
  • Exploring & having fun!

Each Gathering is a bit different as we take turns in the various roles and welcome new instructors to share these traditional skills.  We are excited to celebrate and learn from these talented makers who have  put together comprehensive workshop offerings for those interested in exploring the craft. Each workshop will have its own area. Immersive weekend workshops will be broken up into 4 three hour segments between meals.  This format aims to help us delve deeper into the craft while remaining focused and grounded.  These workshops will be by preregistration only as there is limited space. We will also have a variety of shorter 1-6 hour workshops being offered onsite which participants can sign up for on a first come basis onsite at the gathering. These workshops may have a materials fee or suggested donation to support the instructor so please bring cash on hand for them.

  • Choose  one immersion workshop  ticket
  • OR
  • Purchase a Base Camp ticket to sign up for a shorter workshop at the gathering what workshops you may be interested in doing at the gathering
  • You are also welcome to bring a self contained  project that you can work on at your leisure during the gathering .
  • We will have some self guided activity stations to explore as well. 

This is an experimental model and we look forward to engaging in dialogue around how it works and what we can do to make our gatherings accessible and supported.

BASE CAMP CONTRIBUTION:  Supports site preparations, sustainable land practices, food, materials & organizational costs. We look forward to creating a transparent financial model. This co-operative structure allows us to question the nature of energy exchange and sharing. All proceeds will be put towards maintaining and contributing to the landscape for future gatherings and generations to come…

WORKSHOPS FEES:  Workshop fees are way to support instructors in being able to share these skills. Each instructor sets their workshop fee according to their material costs, preparation times, & personal values of energy exchange.

Immersion workshops have the base camp fee included in the cost upon checkout.

KIDS: Children & Youth are an important facet of our social fabric, they are the ones who carry us forward and it is important to create a space where they can feel supported in participating. Our kids camp area will have several stations/activity centers open to engage with as well as our outdoor school program for those who sign up for camp. Young children must always have adult supervision.

VISITORS: We would like to offer the opportunity for people to come and check out what we are up to at the Skill Share. A Day pass allows people to come and explore the nature of our gathering and have an inspirational outdoor experience. Take a tour of the workshops and have a tea around the fire

REFUND POLICY: Out of consideration for organizers and workshop facilitators we hope that everyone carefully considers their ability to attend in advance of purchasing tickets. If you are unable to attend perhaps finding someone to take your place or getting in touch asap so that others are able to sign up. We will have a no refund policy accept for exceptional circumstances. Please get in touch if something comes up for you.



Please bring everything you need to be comfortable in all weather conditions. Although there is lots of shelter we can never predict the weather conditions.
  • Any tools or recommended items for the workshop you choose
  • Tent and sleeping gear.
  • Warm clothing and rain gear, footwear (Rain boots)
  • Bathing suit, towel
  • Eating dishes, cutlery, cup/thermos, water bottle
  • A multipurpose knife
  • 1 Food donation ( greens, bread, or fruit) and your own personal snacks
  • Headlamp
  • Instruments
  • items to sell or trade in the Makers Market

We will come together for Breakfast, light lunch, and dinner as a large group, and have the option of listening to a talk or watching a demonstration while we eat at the lunch hours. Everyone is asked to come prepared and bring their own camp dishes and cutlery, there will be a dishwashing station to clean up as well as snack station and food donation. Everyone is also invited to bring a salad green, bread or fruit contribution to support our Counter Culture Kitchen. We are very fortunate to have an amazing Kitchen staff this year who will be creatively preparing vegetarian cuisine. If you have special needs or dietary restrictions we do ask that you come prepared to supplement your meals accordingly. If you eat meat please feel free to bring some and cook it over the fire.

  • Bring your own camp dishes, utensils, and snacks
  • Kitchen contribution of one green, fruit or bread.
  • Dish washing area wash your own…. and maybe someone else’s~


This is a campout styled gathering, which means you need to come prepared for all weather conditions. We are very fortunate to have many amazing buildings and shelters to work with and explore on the property. Our toilet situation is a workshop that everyone gets to participate in. We are working with a humanure composting system that is a fertile way to transform our droppings into compost so that in the future we can use the to feed the fruit trees. This action allows us the opportunity to reflect on how we view our “waste” and see how this ‘no so alternative method’  can help us connect to the land & cycles of life. Thermophilic bacteria are super cool, we mean hot!~ 

  • Upon Arrival everyone will be asked to sign a personal liability waiver
  • Cars can be driven up to the checkin point drop off & then go to parking area
  • Clean fresh drinking water onsite
  • Garbage, recycling containers onsite
  • Camping & property map for those who would like one
  • First aid kits & SHARP protocol in effect
  • Dogs must be pre approved to be at the gathering due other animals
  • Everyone is encouraged to help onsite, moving firewood, water, dishes, etc…
  • Carpooling is a great way to get to know each other and support one another and the environment, the facebook event page will be a place where this can happen

We are looking forward to inviting 6 artists onto the land one week before the gathering as an artist residency. Residents will be invited to explore their relationship to the environment through this spring’s theme of “natural order”. Who knows what will happen, poetry, music, sculpture, performance, drawings, site specific installations… Residents will then have the opportunity to share what they have created with everyone attending the skill share. Please check out the artist residency page on this website to find more info.

There are many ways to engage with the gathering. perhaps you want to observe and bounce around helping out where you can. There are many special tasks that need doing, and there is a sense of purpose and humbleness that comes with being in service to others.  Please get in touch if this is something you are interested in we are also looking for people to come out to the farm early and help set up. Become part of a team in supporting the event function. This type of experience can help build meaningful relationships and skills in surprising areas. It might even take you on an adventure up the mountain. There is a limited number of volunteer positions.

The Makers Market is a space where everyone is invited to share they’re wears. Please feel free to bring what it is that you create and participate. This fall with weather proof market area!


This Fall we are experimenting with a slightly different structure for our gathering. We have 6 weekend immersive workshops to choose from which will require preregistration and have a limited number of folks in each class. These immersive workshops will be broken down into four 3 hr sessions over Saturday & Sunday. By signing up for one of these workshops that will be your main focus at the gathering. When purchasing tickets the base camp fee has already been included in the ticket price.

Alternatively we welcome you to purchase a Base Camp Ticket which allows you to come to the gathering and choose to sign up for one or more of the shorter workshops being offered onsite throughout the gathering.  There may be an opportunity to join an immersive workshop if there is space available at that time. We will have 10-15 shorter workshops & demonstrations to choose from and may include skilled crafts such as: spoon carving, basketry, natural dying/pigments, bee keeping, spinning/wheel/drop spindle, fire making/bow drill, blacksmithing, cordage, plant spirit medicine, body movement, meditation, therapeutic modalities, sewing/embroidery, weaving, cyclical moon bodies circle, stone carving, survival skills, bike mechanics, archery,  leather craft, social permaculture, bio fuels ….etc so many possibilities!~ We look forward to whatever happens 🙂  As said above there has been a shift in the way the gathering is shaping up based on low registration and so some workshops will not be happening for this reason. We will have  lots going on anyhow and so we again look forward to whatever shapes up. We also have a giant bear skin to work on (weather depending) as a group and buckskin tanning process walk through. We willing be canning the bounty of harvest veg. Anywho…. hahah

Immersive workshops being offered this fall.

Due to low registration the only workshops still being offered are: blacksmithing, Felting & canning.


Coming together .

Skill building

Sharing experience.

earth wisdom

Listening & learning.


Engaging in play.

BRIng the kids!

Due to low numbers we will not be offering kids camp at the Fall Skill Share. We look forward to offering a full program in the Spring. You are welcome to bring your kids if you would like this weekend but you will be responsible for them.

Schedule of events




Early Morning Activity

Early Morning Activity


8:00- 9:30





9:30- 10:00


Opening Circle

Opening Circle

Closing Circle


12 onward arrival set up.



Finish up/clean up






2:30- 5:30











Fireside Frequencies

Possible Dancing & Movement

Open Mic Music Night

Equinox Ceremony - Honouring the seasons



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