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The Heroines’ Journey

A One Day Women’s Retreat

June 29 @ 9:00 am 6:00 pm

Rise, Remember, Release, Reclaim!

Embark on a profound exploration of your personal narrative at our Full Day Women’s Retreat, where we delve into the art of crafting your own Heroine’s Journey. Join us as we uncover the transformative tools that will embolden you to Rise, Remember, Release, and Reclaim the diverse threads of your story. This immersive experience invites you to embrace the ongoing journey of self-discovery, where each chapter unfolds new insights and opportunities for growth. Come exactly as you are and immerse yourself in a day of nourishment for the mind, body, and spirit, complete with a delectable lunch and snacks to fuel your adventure.

Sharon, Candice, Alaina & Abby are excited to be co creating this experience that looks to support, uplift and inspire everyone involved. The retreat will be hosted at Coyote Tales Farm Studios as part of the “FreeDome” Project. This newly erected 33ft Dome is a beautiful container for gathering and focusing with intention. Come and enjoy the space with all it has to offer here on the Farm! Please bring water bottle, yoga mat, notebook to write in and we also invite you to bring an item to put on our collective alter for the day that holds some meaning to you in this chapter of your life.

Schedule for the Day

  • 9:30- Opening Circle Introduction – Prologue
  • 10:00 – 11:30 – Chapter 1-> Rise -> Alaina
  • 11:45 -1:15 – Chapter 2-> Remember -> Candice
  • 1:15 – 2:15 – Lunch (vegetarian + GF options)
  • 2:15 -3:45 -Chapter3 -> Release ->Abby
  • 4:00 – 5:30- Chapter 4 -> Reclaim -> Sharon
  • 5:30 – 6:00- CLOSING CIRCLE: To Be continued…. Epilogue

Alaina McMonigle

Alaina’s passion is to help people reconnect to the intrinsic power of their Soul and Higher Self wisdom.  She teaches people how to unplug from their conceptual minds, and helps them access deeper levels of consciousness where their infinite creative potential, inner magic, and powerful intuitive mind is waiting to plug back in and come ‘online’.  With her educational background as a Registered Nurse, Certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Mental Health Counsellor, and Group Facilitator she has trained in a myriad of mind/body healing techniques that she blends with her study of Shamanic healing practices, Breathwork & Meditation facilitation, and the power & science of Yoga to further assist people who are seeking guidance and connection to their spiritual paths and inner magic.  Alaina has also been able to develop her Psychic & Intuitive abilities after her near-death experience & diagnosis of Breast Cancer as a young woman.  She now shares her empathic wisdom, deep insights, and Intuitive messages from spirit for those who feel called to Awaken from within.  

Chapter One– RISE & AWAKEN your “Inner Fire” & the Magic within your Heart.

Kundalini Yoga & Meditation.

Have you ever asked yourself, what needs to RISE from within you?  Where have YOU been limiting yourself lately? Is it within your creative potential, your old belief systems, or your resistance to unravel wounds or fears that are causing you to feel alone and separate from others, and even from the Divine Source itself?  Are you being called to move through your physical, emotional, and mental stagnation to release the old ‘stories’ of you?  What if you could reconnect to the power of your own vibrational medicine and allow the Universal Spirit to flow through you once again, unencumbered? If you feel called to RISE, then know that it is YOUR Kundalini (life force energy) that is AWAKENING your INNER FIRE and the Magic and POWER of your HEART.  

Kundalini Yoga is an ancient and mystical technology that was passed in secret from master to student for thousands of years, only to be revealed to the west in the 1960’s.  It is an inner science that teaches us to tap into the unlimited creative potential that already exists in every human being.  It is an innate capacity that most people simply are not utilizing.  It helps to ignite dormant and reserve energies known as “inner fire” to be realized and released from within you.  If Yoga is the science of the Self, then Kundalini Yoga is the awakening of the Self.  It is that simple.

We invite you to start the first chapter of the day as we RISE with our Kundalini energy using simple postures, active movement, powerful breathwork, and we finish with the power of vibrational medicine using Mantra Meditation to ignite the power and healing of the Heart.  It’s time to tend to your inner flames, alleviate stress, improve your mental focus, and rebalance your body’s energy centres (chakras).

Candice Horton

Candice is a Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique Practitioner (QHHT) and Reiki Master who has a passion and fire in her soul to facilitate others in remembering and tapping into their own innate power to access healing and expansion. Candice guides her clients in accessing and channeling their higher self. In doing so, clients gain access to other parts of their existence beyond this realm, thus tapping into the wisdom of the oversoul or collective consciousness. Candice has always genuinely enjoyed connecting with others and chatting about the metaphysical. She has a loving partner who keeps her grounded. They share a beautiful homestead together with their two young boys. When Candice isn’t exploring the metaphysical, you may find her hiking in the woods, hanging out with her kiddos, helping her partner in the garden, or tending to their chickens, rabbits, and pigs.

Chapter 2 – Remembering the story of who you are beyond this realm.

Time is not linear. Everything is happening all at once; past, present, and future. We are blessed to have our consciousness focused on this point in time in our current incarnational story. Join Candice in exploring a group past life regression. All our experiences shape who we are today, past and future. This includes the cellular and energetic memories we hold from past lives, future lives, and even concurrent or parallel lives. Enjoy a journey within and see what your higher self needs you to remember today to assist you in the story you are writing in this current life. In doing so, you empower yourself to see the whole story of who you are on a deeper level. 

Candice will guide you through a past life regression and afterwards you are strongly encouraged to journal the experience so that you may reflect upon it later. Some find that the experience is very detailed, and it may fade just like a dream. Capture this moment from the past and later reflect on how this plays a role in your current life story.

You alongside others are invited and encouraged to share your experience with the group. You may share how your experience in remembering another part of who you are/were plays into the narrative of today.

Abby Fry

Abby is a creative whirlwind of kinetic energy. She has been a self employed maker and shaker for the past 20+ years. With a background and passion for the arts Abby loves to shape spaces that invite exploration through interactive nature based art practices, traditional skills & crafts. As of late Abby has been practicing as a Conscious Dying Coach and Death Doula supporting others in their life transitions and bringing awareness to topics surrounding death.

Her passion for relational dynamics rests as the cornerstone of her work and she believes that through process based activities we are able to foster deep connections with the natural cycles of life, ourselves and one another. 

Abby has been stewarding the land at Coyote Tales Farm Studios for the past 6+ years and is dedicated to continue building a community platform for others to come enjoy, create, learn and connect! Previous to this landing here she lived nomadically for over 10 years, fostering an alternative lifestyle of radical self reliance while collaborating & co creating with others.

Chapter 3 – Walking with the Embodied Self

We are all carrying so much! Chapter three of our day long narrative will be activating a container to ground and hold us as we move through a process of conscious releasing. This workshop will be a series of active meditations where we will connect with the elements, set our intentions and allow ourselves the opportunity to acknowledge what we are holding in our bodies. Spiraling towards the center we will find ways to let go, connect with the flow & emerge a new. Death and birth go hand in hand as does our ability to give & receive, to know and not know. As a collective we can share in these moments, co creating ritual actions that empower us to embrace our inner labyrinths. Please come prepared for various weather conditions as we will be outside for part of our time together.

Sharon Black

Sharon is a Feminine Freedom and Embodiment Coach who guides women who have lost themselves loving others on a reclamation journey’s. Inspired by her own healing journey, supporting those in her 25 year massage therapy practice and being a life-long learner, Sharon is passionate about various emotional and physical healing modalities. Initially her focus was to transformational mindset work but she felt there was something missing. When she found and incorporated embodiment practices into her own and then her clients journey’s more holistic healing occurred for each. Sharon now intuitively integrates mind, soul and embodiment work into all her offerings for a more profound, complete healing journey for each of her clients. 

When not learning and guiding women on their unique healing journey’s, Sharon can be found appreciating the silence, solitude and just BE-ing in and hiking the woods around her off-grid log cabin with her dogs.

Chapter 4 -Reclamation

In Chapter 4, you will explore what aspects of your life you are ready to reclaim. Sharon will intuitively guide you past the distractions of shoulds, expectations, and societal norms, leading you to your heart and soul. There, you will discover the wisdom that has been waiting to support you all along, offering whispers of guidance and the certainty of a full body yes. You will learn how to identify, feel, and connect with what you need to reclaim your most authentic you.

We look forward to seeing you, and moving through this journey together!

Our pricing for this event is based on a Tiered Ticketing system which invites you to choose a ticket based on which financial bracket you may be in. If you are able to purchase a higher priced ticket that will leave space for those who may not be able to afford as much to purchase the lower cost ones, as there are a set amount of each ticket available. Kinda of like sliding scale but different 😉 All tickets are equal in regards to the retreat.

Thank you in advance for your consideration, time and interest in our Full Day Women’s Retreat! Please get in touch with any questions you may have or give us a call at 613 332 1390.

Coyote Tales Farm Studios

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