Buckskin Tanning

WORKSHOP DESCRIPTION: 2 Day (Sat, Sun 12hrs)

Join me in the old art of turning animal skin into a second sort of our skin. This is how we used to be known to the world – the wearers of animal beauty, the ones who couldn’t keep themselves warm alone. It will be a lot of work, learning and mystery. Take home the deerskin you spent the weekend working on. Tools provided, bring a plastic or otherwise waterproof apron, a knife and a set of dedicated work clothes you can change out of at the end of the day.


Daniel Stermac Stein

Daniel Stermac Stein is a hide tanner, leather craftsman and farmer who perpetuates the language of human beauty through which people and animals used to talk to each other. www.theherdsthrone.ca

Cost: $180

Date: May 20-21

Group Size: 12 Participants

Contact: [email protected]