Bikes Mechanics +

Bikes- Mechanics, Electrifying, Touring & Defensive Riding

In this workshop you will learn: -How 2 safety check a bike -Less intuitive aspects of helmet fit/top safety gear -Bike tuning and repair -Defensive cycling for urban and rural situations -Intro to bike touring on the cheap -Electrifying bikes vs Turnkey store bought ebikes. -How to tow 300lbs via ebike and bike trailer.

1/2 Day Workshop (3hrs)

Participants: 10

Cost: $20

Matteo Zammit

I like many got into cycling as a child. But at 17 began volunteering at my first bike coop, 2 years later I was on what would become a 4 year cycling journey cycling across north america into Central America. Returning to Toronto at 23, I began Toronto’s only pedal powered home service Bicycle repair business.10 years later it is now a coop team of mechanics riding cargo bikes and towing trailers to go repair bikes, teach mechanic and Defensive cycling and touring workshops. We also have been Electrifying bikes for cyclists, from recumbents to hand-cycles to common bikes of every size.

Registration Opens March 1st @ 10:00 am

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