Wildcrafting & Mushrooms


Immersive workshop description

In this wild crafting course course you will be informed on the basics of wilderness first aid and survival skills. What to pack in your day sack to aid you in the event of an unplanned overnight stay in the forest. We will look at safe foraging practice and how to forage different species sustainably. We will explore the basics of tree identification and they’re many medicinal uses. Focusing primarily on foraging edible wild foods with an emphasis on mushrooms. We will talk about mushroom anatomy and terminology while immersing ourselves in the forest on the land. We will bring back lots to taste and share with our community.



instructor bio

Nicole dowzansky

Avid forager, nature voyeur and all around outdoor enthusiast. Previous owner of a live music bar/art space in the city, whose true love was the outdoors and worked towards learning how to survive and thrive in the wilderness. From landscaping, to construction, to arboriculture, and finally conservation. After shuttering her bar, Nicole made her way towards working and living in the woods. Nicole has also worked at a kids canoe camp in Algonquin park and a private conservation area in the Bancroft area. 

Nicole spends her spare time cooking, preserving foods, baking bread & other goodies, as well as making candles, soap, and other useful things. Nicole enjoys hiking, camping, fishing, hunting, wood carving, and otherwise honing her outdoors skills. Foraging, competitive & recreational paddling, and birdwatching are amongst her absolute favourite activities. Mom to two great kids. From car camping to backcountry canoe trips Nicole has extensive experience camping with babies, toddlers, kids and teens. Campfire chef and wild food enthusiast. 

Nicole has decades experience foraging wild edibles and mushrooms. Nicole is wilderness first aid and chainsaw operation certified. Nicole is a trained invasive species specialist focused on detailed ecological restoration and soil erosion control. Nicole hopes to expand her farming skills and has just begun her homesteading journey. Her ultimate goal is learning to sustain her family as best as possible entirely from our land, keeping ecological integrity paramount to that. Reducing dependence on the damaging manufacturing and commercial food production industries is a major motivator of everything she does.


Cost: $125

This workshop has been postponed til the Spring!~

Contact: [email protected]


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