Teen Camp Workshop


This year we are offering a Teen Camp/ Mentorship program! This Camp styled experience will create a focused space where teens can gather and have guided activities that invite them to explore their creativity and apply practical skills at the gathering. The mentor/facilitator guide will share their knowledge on specific topics relating to bushcraft, & nature based skills, while exploring communication with group discussions. Through a series of activities the teens will be given space to operate as a group and be given some freedom to roam. This model will bring focus to the group of youth while giving them tools that they can apply in their lives with a sense of purpose. 

If you have any questions, concerns or special needs please send us a message!

Facilitators: 2

Instructor Bio

Nick & Dave

Collaboratively, Nick and Dave have been co-creating many adventures together since 2018. Camping in torrential downpour, sleeping in minus 15 degrees with minimal gear, canoeing down frozen rivers, and tracking many mysteries upon the earth. They are both certified in CPR/First aid and have trained in Wilderness First Responder. Dave and Nick invite you to join them for a create your own adventure weekend! Offering a variety of bush crafts such as carving/burning a bowl, crafting a slingshot, or even building your own camouflaged shelter to sleep in over the weekend. We will be offering games that strengthen your awareness, and teachings passed down from indigenous cultures. The creative domain is limitless, and the opportunity is vast. Every body who identifies as a teenager is warmly welcomed to this space, and we happily look forward to co-creating another memorable adventure with all of you!

Cost: $80

Date: May 20- 21

Group Size: 10 Teenage Participants 12-17

Contact: [email protected]