Sugar shack convergence….

So the weather is getting warmer and the snow is melting….is it spring? This is my first winter in 7 years here in Ontario so i am not sure what the deal is. Having a blast exploring the land and preparing for experimental maple syrup operation. My neighbor is showing me how he has done it in the past.

Looking forward to seeing the forest spring up and water move through the land.Very exciting 🙂

2 thoughts on “Sugar shack convergence….”

  1. Abby I’m glad you are making a life on the land. How did the maple syrup tapping and processing work out? I eat an organic diet and I bake with maple syrup.
    I wondered how you made out also with the barn project? I hope you got a studio up and running. I studied art and design and make jewellery and paint pictures.
    For a living I designed creative programs for institutions such as men’s prison, health care and art organizations. I am now retired and still make jewellery and paint.
    I tend to develop my own designs and still love to experiment and study art. Art has been my constant companion through life. It even offers a spiritual connection that I can see as I age.
    I met your briefy at the Hamilton Superscrawl Show and liked your creations. I like your idea of sharing ideas and find it inspiring to share creative experiences. J.R. Pearce

    1. J.R. well that is wonderful! ARt is a life companion should we choose to accept its presence daily. Sounds like you have had an exciting journey in life~ Maple syrup went well always an adventure. Absolutley love living on this piece of land, enjoying our developing relationship and exploring the potential. Looking at how to put on weekend workshops and creating a space to share creativity and projects while developing the gardens and dancing under the moonlight;)

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