This workshop is split into two segments.

The morning segment is dedicated to writing craft. We will draw on various exercises and prompts, taking time to gather some of our material from the land we are on.  The afternoon will gear us up to orate/perform our words and the words of others.  The evening World Stage will make a perfect opportunity to bring our pieces to an audience.

Come explore different kinds of writing & storytelling.

Come craft words, embedded in a community of support and encouragement. We pay Ode to the Storytellers of olde, inviting the spirit of eloquence as a form of making offerings and honouring what is around us.  We live at an intersection of personal, interpersonal and systemic rivers; let’s tease out the trouble.  Come write with Lizzy, gathering stories from the land and what’s alive in our bodies; with hopes to find the words that make space for us to live.



Lizzy is a Toronto based artist & poet. Slinging words over her shoulder or taking refuge under a twice sprouted elder tree. Through her work, she contemplates the intersections of generating new knowledge and understandings centered in our bodies, while having roots enough to handle the shakings of these reckoning times. She returns indefinitely to the need for ritual, for soil, for community gatherings and cohesion.  Her writing has been described as wedding the surreal and physical worlds as seamlessly as the natural world is.  She runs a small publishing house @houseofmysterypresents, and is looking forward to the first edition of Erotic Blossom, an bi-yearly eco-erotic literary arts print publication.

Cost: $60

Date: Sat May 20

Group Size: 15

Contact: [email protected]