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Workshop Description

1)Learn how to turn your yard into a productive vegetable garden by letting your lawn grow too long. Sequestering carbon at the micro scale. Introduction into scythes and hand scythes.  

2)Mulch, we are surrounded by nutrients ready to turn into fertile soils. Compost happens…everywhere!  

3)I am so lazy! Or let nature do the work, why would you anyways?  How wild plants work for you, Permaculture uses wild and cultivated plants.

4)Ideas of Beauty are killing the environment. I am a wild thing! Creating food systems for your flying friends.  Bird walls. Insect conversations.  Getting drunk with slugs. 

5)We are surrounded by food and medicine.  Let nature feed you and support your health. Wild edible walk and medicinal plant adventure. 

6)A Forest of Prayers, Praying for the world in the trees.  The Living Time Deities. Sing. Becoming one with nature.

7)How to turn 5 sticks into a drop spindle and spin wool.

8)Planting potatoes

Instructor bio

Blair richards-koeslag

My lifelong  passion for plants and the Earth has led me down many garden paths.  My childhood was spent growing flowers with my mother, after high school I moved to Morning Glory Farm and had the honour of playing with many skilled gardeners there. For over 20 years I have been working at the Golden Bough tree farm growing over 150 different kinds of trees from seed and cuttings.   I have studied herbal medicine through the Dominion Herbal college and have continued to learn about Plant Medicine for over 15 years now. I completed a Permaculture Design Certificate with StarHawk and a Permaculture Teaching certificate with Jude Hobbs.

The One Straw Revolution and concepts of Natural farming taught by Masanobu Fukuoka have had a profound effect on me and I have  spent the last 5 years developing skills in no till-gardening.  I would be thrilled to share some of my findings with interested minds.  Come ready to play with the Earth, look at plants in  a new way and with a healthy respect for sharp gardening tools.

COST: $85 

GROUP SIZE: 10 Participants 

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