This workshop is a great intro and dive into baking sourdough bread. 

In this workshop you will go through the first half of the steps of mixing to shaping with guidance and hands on practice. Then we will bake our loaves on Sunday morning for us to share with everyone at the skill share.

You will mix your own sourdough starter to take home with you and there will be lots of time for questions about anything that you need to know. I will walk you through all the steps that will be outlined for you in the booklet provided so that you have a good idea of how to do all of this at home on your own.

We will also spend some time hand milling flour so that we can explore and contemplate where flour comes from, how the grain is grown and how it is transformed when we make bread with it! There will be time to explore practical bread making questions as well as philosophical ones.

Included in the workshop:

-A white sourdough starter
-Printed booklet (28+ pages) with recipes, instructions, lots of info
-A small amount of freshly milled flour (hand milled by you!)

What we’ll do:

-Mix your own loaf from beginning to shaping
-Watch demo of scoring and baking
-Taste some freshly baked sourdough bread with some butter and other delicious toppings
-Hand mill some fresh ground flour
-I’ll teach you everything about the process of baking bread and answer any of your questions


Bring a friend and come at a discount. Each of you will get a sourdough starter and a booklet BUT you will have to share a bowl and all the tasks (weighing, mixing etc) so you don’t get to do every single step. It is so much fun to learn with someone you know as a team!


Heather MacMillan

Heather is a mother, partner, baker, cook, gardener, homesteader, teacher and artist. For over ten years she has lived on a rural property tending grass fed beef, chickens, gardens and her sourdough bread business with the support of her partner Patrick. She bakes sourdough bread in an outdoor wood fired oven as well as teaching sourdough bread workshops at her home and around the Ottawa Valley. 

Before settling down to farm and bake Heather traveled back and forth across Canada a few times working kitchens in B.C., taking a culinary diploma in Vancouver while enjoying local skiing and hiking adventures. Kitchen work led to farming, from a natural curiosity about where all the food we eat comes from and a deeper question of how we can connect the two in our everyday lives.

She is passionate about sharing all she has learned and experienced through her time spent connecting with the land, growing and cooking amazing food and bread and speaking with others about how they weave all of these concepts together!

Cost: $140 per person or two for $225

Date: Sat May 20

Group Size: 10

Contact: [email protected]