WORKSHOP DESCRIPTION: 1/2 Day (Sun morning)

This Salve Making workshop will consist of a short walk to see what medicine speaks to us. We will use some fresh and dried herbs to demonstrate different ways to infuse them into oil. We will talk about a number of different carrier oils and their properties. Participants will heat & combine the oils and waxes to create 2 oz of salve to take home. Markers, pencil crayons & blank labels will be provided to personalize them. 


Jessica Gibson

Jessica has always been passionate about nature, plants and gardening.  She started learning about herbs in 2015. She took an apprenticeship with the late Judy Henry of Judy’s Organic Herbs & a course by Rosemary Gladstar. She has most recently graduated from Steven Martyn’s Sacred Gardener School and is currently enrolled in a diploma in natural skincare program.  Her line of herbal products, Handmade Herbology, started as an avenue to further explore her passions in a creative way. It provides people with products that are curated with a reverence for Mother Earth and our connection to the land. Jessica strives to grow and forage the botanicals she uses in her small batch skin care and loves to experiment. She feels honored to be on this path, learning about Earth’s medicine and sharing what she has picked up along the way with those willing to listen.

IG: Handmadeherbology

Cost: $33

Date: May 21, Sun morning

Group Size: 12

Contact: [email protected]