Stellar Cluster

Steller Clusters are a designs inspired by space, gem stones, orgonite, and have become an exploration of interaction. I see them as a metaphor for human relationships and sincerely enjoy the process of their construction.

Each copper circle is hand cut,soldered together and arranged in a unique formation. Some of the circles in the cluster are then filled with a eco poxy resin containing within its layers gem stones, metals, and objects that resonate together. I see these pendants and the sum of all their parts working together as well as individually. Collective in nature, as we are.

Circles are the most powerful symbol of unity and wholeness, many of the desingns mimic nature and the formations found therein. Water being a particular element that seems to embody them in this way so often.

I am intrigued by space, planets, stars & their interaction. A suspended place of time and space with unknown gravitational fields and electromagnetic atmospheres allows one to expand in ways we cant even explain. A great wisdom lives here.

I hope they inspire and generate energy where needed in the world with whomever chooses to take care of one. 🙂

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