Workshop description

Join me to dye-ive into a weekend of playing with colour! With curious minds, we will learn some basics of dying and experiment together, gathering plants with genuine intentions and reciprocity in mind. 

The process of dyeing takes time. The first day we will get rolling into intentful gathering and creating some dye pots to soak, steep, and shift through the weekend. While things are soaking we will dig deeper into different types of fibres, preparing fabric, and other applications of natural colour. We will make charcoal, try some bundle dying  and talk about some simple ways to soak up every last drop of colourful potential in the dye pot- this means transforming dyes in the form of ink and paints! 

You can expect us to also talk about the awesomeness of plants, munch on some leaves, share stories and get distracted by birds together. 

What you need: 

-Yourself dressed for the weather 

-Notebook, ideally one for notes and/or one that you can do some watercolour painting in, to test colours, rub leaves and barks, and get creative in! 

Optional (I will provide ample fabric swatches to play with): Something small, white or light coloured, a natural fibre (wool, cotton, linen, a blend, viscose is okay too) I really recommend brining underwear to dye (they are a great test of natural dye since we wear and wash them often! They are a great way to intimately track the effectiveness of your natural dye). 

Take aways: 

-Washed and mordanted materials for more dye experiments  (silk,  linen, wool ) -Charcoal

-some ink or paint 

-A small natural dye cheat sheet


Sammy Tangir

 Sammy is an all-around nature nerd, with an always growing curiosity for the world around her and a  great affinity to trees. She has aspirations to be as good as a squirrel at planting & processing nuts one day and is lucky to have a job that includes squirrelling away seeds and tending to fruit and nut trees. Sammy is passionate about untangling herself from the things that disconnect us from the vibrant living earth. This includes carving spoons, growing food and playing with natural dye. You can follow her plant-filled ventures @sammytangir 

 COST: $85

GROUP SIZE: 10 Participants

Contact: [email protected]

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