WORKSHOP DESCRIPTION: 2 Day (Sat, Sun 12hrs)

In this 2 day workshop, we will be sharing the knowledge that each of us has gathered, working together to dispel myths. I will offer you my experience, and help guide you through the vast resources of information that are available.  We will talk about the structure and taxonomy of fungus, and look at local edible and medicinal mushrooms and at their deadly poisonous look-alikes.  

Students will participate in a hands-on intro to making mushroom leather, spore prints, agar plate inoculation, grain transfer, buckets, bags and log plugging. Additionally, we will prepare and sample tea and tincture. Come with us as we walk the land and attempt to identify the specimens we meet.

Supplies and an identification book are included in the class fee.

Please dress to stay warm and dry through changing weather. Insulated rubber boots, etc, are highly recommended.


Michael McNamara

Mike is a lover of nature and mushrooms in particular.  His interest was piqued 15 years ago upon hearing that extracts from chaga mushroom were being used as an antiviral medication. The story, of course, is far more complicated.  He spent the following year studying a multitude of research projects from respected peer reviewed journals. Here he learned about the variety of uses, nutrients, and pharmaceutical benefits of mushrooms and how they are integral to the ecosystem. 

Mike is a member of the Toronto Mycological Society and devotes much of his time to finding and telling the true story of fungus among us. He has spent the past decade of his life foraging, working on mushroom farms and gifting at festivals across Ontario while documenting his discoveries. Mike now lives on Clear Lake with plans of developing a local mushroom production.

Cost: $170

Date: May 20-21

Group Size: 12 Participants

Contact:  [email protected]