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We are organizing a Kids Kamp this year! Your kids can come participate in the gathering and your hands will be free to join a workshop. In this immersive out door exploration the Instructors will be putting together programming that will include activities for all age groups.  The group will learn together and break out into smaller groups for specific  Age range is 5-15 and there will be age appropriate stations/activities. Spaces are limited and pre sign up is required so that we can prepare for them in advance. 

Here are some thing we might do a kids camp! Littles: Learn how to speak to birds, fairies and other non human folk Play with clay Build a fox den to play in Nature art of all kids! Sing and dance with the land and each other Build birds nests Nature theatre Olders: Friction fire exploration Shelter building Blacksmithing, Carving; spoon, bowl making Weaving Bird language Nature theatre 

Instructor Bio

Sebastian & Jasmine

Jasmine and Sebastian are both lead instructors at the PINE Project where they facilitate child and nature led programming that spans from plant medicine to bird language to building the very best forts to play in! Their focus is to create safe, inspiring and nurturing environments for kids to trust their own intuition when relating to land and each other. They both have over six years of experience in the 8 shields nature connection model; having worked at multiple forest schools in Southern Ontario as well as leading their own adult workshops in hide tanning and basket weaving. 

Cost: $60

Date: May 20 -23

Group Size: 15 Kids age (5-15)

Contact: [email protected]

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  1. Gaia says:

    I will be bringing 3 boys. Two 13 and one 14. There are keen to learn any outdoor skills. Bring your pre-teen kids to meet! See you soon on the land!

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