WORKSHOP DESCRIPTION: 1/2 Day (Sat afternoon)

In this workshop we will briefly discuss the history of fire and the scientific thought of how it has developed, throughout mankind’s connection with this element. You will have opportunities to learn the art of making your own friction fire kits and embody a practiced knowledge of how to use them. I will also provide both friction fire kits and traditional flint and steel kits (limited) for sale, for those who desire to purchase one to practice with. This is separate from the workshop price. All prices are negotiable.

I will also offer a demonstration of using the hand-drill technique for those who are wondering how it actually works and the art of creating a fire structure as well as different types of functionalities for fire. I have taught humans between the ages of 5-60 years the art of fire, and have had successful fire making throughout that age bracket. It is my belief that through creative technique that we are all capable of connecting with this element with no limitations. Please let me know if you have accessibility concerns.


Nick Fooks

Nick has been working as an outdoor school instructor over the past 11 years. In that time he has learned from traditional knowledge keepers and apprenticed in the arts of living in these ancient ways. He made his first friction fire with a homemade bow-drill kit during the Empowering Ancient Ways immersion in 2012 with Sticks and Stones Wilderness School.  Nick is also experienced in guiding group tours by foot and water through Algonquin, planting trees in Ontario and British Columbia, and running weeklong overnight camps for children throughout Ontario. His safety certifications include Emergency response, Risk assessment, CPR/First Aid, and is also trained as a Wilderness First Responder.

Cost: $30

Date: May 20, Sat afternoon

Group Size: 9 participants

Contact: [email protected]