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🪵 Woodworking & Natural Building: Crafting with Purpose

September 7 @ 10:00 am September 8 @ 5:00 pm

🪵 Woodworking & Natural Building: Crafting with Purpose

Join us for an inspiring weekend of hands-on workshops and creative exploration in woodworking and natural building. “Crafting with Purpose” is a multi-workshop event that celebrates the beauty and versatility of wood while embracing sustainable building practices. From traditional timber framing to the artistry of cob construction, this weekend offers a diverse range of experiences for both novice and experienced builders alike.

Explore the Art of Woodworking and Natural Building:

Cob Construction: Dive into the ancient technique of cob building, where earth, straw, and water are combined to create sturdy and eco-friendly structures. Learn the fundamentals of cob mixing, shaping, and sculpting as you contribute to the creation of a communal cob structure.

Timber Framing with Hand Tools: Discover the timeless craft of timber framing using traditional hand tools. From layout and joinery to raising the frame, experience the satisfaction of crafting a beautiful and functional timber structure with your own hands.

Bushcraft & the Wild Woods: Immerse yourself in the wilderness as you learn essential bushcraft skills for sustainable living. From carving spoons to crafting primitive shelters, deepen your connection to the natural world and hone your self-reliance in the wild woods.

Getting into Carpentry: Whether you’re a beginner or looking to refine your skills, this workshop provides a comprehensive introduction to carpentry techniques and tools. From measuring and cutting to joinery and finishing, gain the confidence to tackle woodworking projects with precision and creativity.

Birdhouses & Bat Boxes: Explore the art of habitat creation with birdhouses and bat boxes. Learn how to design, build, and install these essential structures to provide shelter and nesting sites for local wildlife, fostering biodiversity and ecological balance.

Cordwood Building: Delve into the innovative world of cordwood construction, where firewood is repurposed to create beautiful and energy-efficient walls. Discover the principles of cordwood masonry and explore design considerations for incorporating cordwood into your own building projects.

Saw Milling: Gain hands-on experience in saw milling as you learn to transform raw logs into usable lumber. Explore different milling techniques and equipment, and discover the potential of locally sourced wood for your building and woodworking projects.

Craft with Purpose:

This weekend is not just about building structures—it’s about building community, stewardship, and connection to the natural world. Each workshop is guided by principles of sustainability, creativity, and respect for the materials and resources we use. Join our community of builders, artisans, and nature lovers as we come together to craft with intention and purpose.

We look forward to crafting with you!

Coyote Tales Farm Studios

481 Mallard Lake Road
Bancroft, Ontario K0L 1C0 Canada
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613 332 1390
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2 thoughts on “🪵 Woodworking & Natural Building: Crafting with Purpose

  1. Shawn says:

    I am super excited to see all the offerings you have created for this year! I want to join in them all, but alas cannot afford all of them….lol
    I am particularly interested in the wood working and natural building weekend….as I am specifically interested in building a cordwood bunkie….will this weekend workshop touch enough on this technique to catapult me and my carpenter partner into enough knowledge to create our cordwood bunkie?
    Also, what is the cost of this weekend workshop? How do I sign up?
    Many thanks,
    Shawn (she/her)

    • Abby Fry says:

      Hi Shawn, we have yet to determined the nature of how far into cordwood we will go. Tickets re not yet on sale for this weekend. I can let you know the nature of this weekend once the details are finalized. The process of doing cordwood is a simple concept yet it takes some planning and time to have the right wood ready and prepared for doing a scalable project. We look forward to sharing more info with you 🙂

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