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🍞 Resilient Food Preservation: Appreciating Traditions

October 5 @ 10:00 am October 6 @ 5:00 pm

🍞 Resilient Food Preservation: Appreciating Traditions

Indulge in the timeless art of food preservation and celebrate the richness of culinary traditions at our weekend workshop, Resilient Food Preservation: Appreciating Traditions. Join us for an immersive experience where we honour age-old techniques while embracing modern innovation, ensuring that the bounty of harvest season remains vibrant and nourishing throughout the year. We will look at a variety of cultural practices to explore how we have managed to keep ourselves fed through the ages.

Explore the Spectrum of Food Preservation:

Water Bath & Pressure Canning: Master the essentials of water bath and pressure canning, the cornerstone techniques for safely preserving fruits, vegetables, and sauces. Learn the intricacies of proper canning procedures to lock in flavors and nutrients for shelf-stable enjoyment.

Pickling: Dive into the world of pickling, where vibrant flavors and crisp textures transform fresh produce into tangy delights. Discover the art of brining, seasoning, and fermenting to create an array of pickled vegetables, fruits, and condiments that add zing to any meal.

Dehydrating: Harness the power of dehydration to create nutrient-dense snacks, pantry staples, and culinary accents. Explore techniques for air drying, oven drying, and using dedicated dehydrators to preserve fruits, herbs, meats, and more with maximum flavor and shelf life.

Fermentation: Unlock the transformative potential of fermentation, where beneficial microbes work their magic to enhance flavors, improve digestion, and boost nutritional value. From sauerkraut to kimchi, kombucha to kefir, delve into the diverse world of fermented foods and beverages.

Sourdough Bread Making: Embrace the time-honored tradition of sourdough bread making, where wild yeasts and lactobacilli create artisanal loaves with complex flavors and airy textures. Learn the secrets of starter cultivation, dough fermentation, and baking techniques for crafting crusty boules and tender crumb.

Root Vegetable & Cold Storage: Discover the art of root vegetable preservation and cold storage, ensuring a steady supply of fresh, nutrient-rich produce throughout the winter months. Explore optimal storage conditions, root cellar design, and techniques for extending the longevity of seasonal bounty.

Join Us in Preserving Food Traditions:

At Resilient Food Preservation, we honour the wisdom of our ancestors while embracing the innovation of the present. Together, we’ll explore a diverse array of preservation methods, sharing knowledge, skills, and stories that connect us to the rhythms of the seasons and the richness of the earth.

We can’t wait to preserve memories and meals together!

Specific workshop descriptions, facilitator bios and ticket info coming soon!~

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