Distillation with dylan


Workshop description

Come learn about the process of distillation with northern stills. In the weekend workshop we will be learning about how to distil essential oils, while moving through the process of making cedar oil. On the second day we will go through the process of making grain alcohol for tinctures for your high proof needs.

Instructor Bio

Dylan mckinnon

My passion for distilling began back in my early teens when I discovered the remnants of a copper still on a family friend’s island in Northern Ontario. I was told of how the old man who once owned the land would distill his own gin and flavour it with the juniper berries that grew there. I remember my imagination running wild with the idea of being able to make my own moonshine and elixirs from scratch. Soon after, I began studying distilling techniques and within several years I was designing and building my own copper and stainless steel stills.

Cost: $80

Date: May 20 -23

Group Size: 10 Participants


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