Canning, food preservation & fermentation


Immersive Workshop description

Come explore the world of food preservation, canning and fermentation. In this 2 day workshop you will learn about the various methods available to get the most out of your favorite produce. We will explore safe canning methods, sanitization, step by step water bath processing, vegetable variations, and more canning tips & tricks while making pickles. We will also look at lacto ferments, dehydration methods, talk about sour dough starters & ginger bugs! Let’s get our can on 😉



instructor bio

Mira Macrae

Mira MacRae is a chef/artist//food artist. Her favorite thing is making pickley hot sauces with wild flavor profiles in small batches, Arctic Puffin Preserves is the brand she is building.She wants to pickle everything all the time. Also a painter, Mira likes to capture landscapes and live music scenes with vivid color.

Cost: $150 

Group Size: 10 participants

Contact: [email protected]

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