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We will take a hybrid approach to living with the rocky highlands that Coyote Tales occupies. We will be setting up a bush camp away from the main house and facilities, deepening our connection to the wilderness. Using both modern tools and ancient skills, we will strengthen our connection with the nature around us and rekindle the wild part of ourselves that longs to feel alive. We will practice many arts to perfect our basic survival needs (Shelter, Fire, Water, Food) and refine them so we may thrive in our surrounding environment. This weekend intensive will have your comforts pushed and raise awareness to new ways of being in relationship with all beings around us.

We would like to share many skills with you via seminars and practical experiences. Here is a list of some of what we would like to share. Being realistic with our time, think about what skills/knowledge you would like to refine. 

Where/why/how to setup different kinds of shelters, bedding, and tarp setups

Friction fires and ferro rods, fibers for fires 


Craft a water filter/purifier/collection system, assessing safe water sources


Wild edible plants, edible insects, discussion of ethics for harvesting wild game

Other: Knots, safe tool use, bushcraft


Nick fooks & david wilson

Nick (left) currently works with children outdoors in a community school, Village Loom, outside of Guelph. He has rich experience living in an intentional community house in Kitchener (Cosmic Maple) learning many dynamics of communication/relationships in praxis for collaboration and healthy community functions. Nick has work experience; Trip Guiding via hike and canoe on the east side of Algonquin, planting trees in Ontario and British Columbia, and running overnight camps for children throughout Ontario. Nick is well trained in Emergency response and Risk assessment, current certification in CPR/First aid, and training in Wilderness First Responder.

David (right) is a very real human being, an artist who loves bushcraft. With such vast experience, some of his workplaces have been; outfitting in Algonquin park, working with the Ministry of Natural Resources, Haliburton Forest Wildlife Reserve, trip guiding via canoe, dog sledding and horseback. For the last six years David has been working with children at the Guelph Outdoor School teaching nature connection. David is well trained in Emergency response and Risk assessment, current certification in CPR/First aid, and a past certification in Wilderness First Responder. 

Nick and David have both apprenticed and worked with Sticks and Stones Wilderness School, and Earth Tracks. Their experiences with these organizations have offered much inspiration to shaping their journeys with the outdoors.

Cost: $200-300

Due to low registration we will not be running this workshop until the spring gathering.

We will however have bushcraft demonstrations and skills shared at the fall gathering. 

Contact: Nick

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