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In this two day workshop you will get a comprehensive introduction to the craft of blacksmithing, as well as getting to take home your own hand made tools. Day one will cover basic techniques in the forging of your own campfire cookset. All you’ll need is a frying pan and hotdogs/marshmallows.

Day two will introduce students to tool steel and the heat treat process in the forging of an awl, and a flint striker. Time permitting, students will have the opportunity to catch up on or redo projects, ask questions/receive input on setting up their own home forge, or use the forge to complete other personal projects. 

Students should be advised not to wear synthetic clothing, leather aprons/work gloves are encouraged, eye protection will be provided and is to be worn at all times, and students will be required to sign a health/safety waiver.



Graham Von houten

Graham van Houten is a visual artist who has been studying blacksmithing and bladesmithing since 2018. He graduated from OCADU in 2007, and maintained a practise and studio in Toronto for a decade after obtaining his B.F.A., branching into illustration. In 2018 he took a one day workshop on axe making and was immediately taken with the craft. In 2019 he attended the Haliburton School of Art and Design, living in a small cabin for the whole winter. His focus on blacksmithing brought together his love for design, traditional skills, the outdoors, science and history. In 2020 he began working as an apprentice to Douglas Morlock, immeasurably benefiting from his years of experience and expertise. Graham hopes to pass on his love for this once ubiquitous craft through demonstrating and teaching.

Cost: $200

 Contact: [email protected]com

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